Secret website shopper programs provide an independent evaluation of the entire website experience through the eyes of a potential new customer.

This information provides businesses with a very real edge in the competitive market of e-commerce. Online mystery shoppers evaluate the appearance, layout, content, links and ease of use of a website. They also provide information about real-time responses and functionality including shopping cart and checkout procedures, contact points and legal requirements.

Feedback to client companies via mystery shopping companies is prompt, allowing the client business to respond to and resolve issues quickly. Broken links, slow load times, difficult checkout, and problematic payment systems can result in abandoned shopping carts, lost customers and decreased sales.

A solid web based secret shopper evaluation program should be a key part of any internet business continuous quality improvement program. Mystery shopping services, whether online or in traditional stores, are not a replacement for standard customer satisfaction measures. They also do not replace measurements of consumer expectations.

Knowing what customers like and want is important but it is not enough. Companies need to know how well their beliefs about customer experiences match with actual experiences. The only way to do this is to engage a reputable mystery shopper service. Businesses that use this feedback to address problems retain customers, build loyalty and protect their bottom lines.

Mystery Shopping Presentation

Here is the Mystery Shopper video We are pleased that the Northampton Business Directory is showing our video for local directory listing. Most business owners depend on web design agencies to create and maintain their website, but who checks the web design company? Mystery Shopper is the best choice. We work together with other companies to provide all the support required. More information is available in our questions and answers section.

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